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April Meeting 2023 On-Demand Content Now Available

Attendees can view recorded sessions now through July 25.

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Virtual April Meeting

The April Meeting "Quarks to Cosmos" is an opportunity for scientists in astrophysics, particle physics, nuclear physics, and gravitation to come together, share research, and discuss important issues in their fields.

We are grateful to all of the April Meeting 2023 attendees, speakers, program committee members, and participating APS Units.

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The April Meeting 2023 Experience

April Meeting 2023 presented physicists with an opportunity to share research, network with other physicists, and learn about current issues relevant to the physics community.

The Virtual Meeting

The virtual April Meeting 2023 took place online April 24-26, 2023.

In-Person Meeting

The in-person April Meeting 2023 was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 15-18.

This year’s meeting brings physicists from diverse fields together to celebrate an elegant and universal underlying idea: one adjusts the wavelength of a probe to the size of the object being studied. From the smallest to the largest, different objects and their substructures come into focus as one dials the appropriate wavelength, using electroweak, strong, and these days, gravitational waves.

Abhay Deshpande, APS April Meeting 2023 Chair