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Thank You for Joining Us at April Meeting

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The American Physical Society's April Meeting: Quarks to Cosmos is a scientific research conference convening physicists and students from around the world to connect and collaborate across academia, industry, and major labs. The meeting encompasses a broad range of physics spanning astrophysics, particle physics, nuclear physics, and gravitation. Attendees joined us in 2024 for the exciting program theme "New Challenges and Questions for the Micro and Macro Universe".

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Thank you for joining us in 2024 in Sacramento and online.

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Join the physics community in Sacramento, California, April 3 - 6 , 2024.

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It is my privilege to welcome you to the 2024 edition of the APS April Meeting. The meeting gathers a diverse set of scientists united in their pursuit to understand nature at the largest and smallest distance scales, making use of an ever increasing set of probes, tools, instruments, and facilities.

André de Gouvêa, APS April Meeting 2024 Chair