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Travel & Hotel

Thank you for joining the physics community in Minneapolis for the in-person March Meeting.


The Hilton Minneapolis is both the meeting venue as well as the headquarters hotel. Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, the venue features an indoor pool and sauna, Starbucks coffee, UPS store, and all-day dining on site.

floor plans of Hilton Minneapolis hotel

Traveling from the airport to Downtown Minneapolis is easy. With rideshare apps, taxi services, and the metro train, there is safe and reliable transit for everyone traveling to the meeting venue.

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Seeking to share a room and save on expenses? APS Members can use Engage to post a discussion thread and coordinate rooming.

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Known for its scenic parks and lakes, as well as its extensive art galleries and museums, Minneapolis combines the cultural experience of a large city with the beauty of nature.

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International Visitors

APS looks forward to welcoming international attendees to the April Meeting.

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Travel and Caregiver Grants

A number of awards and grants to help offset the cost of attendance were open to applications from April Meeting attendees. Students, in particular, were encouraged to apply.

  • DAMOP Caregiver Grant
    Small grants of up to $500 are available for DAMOP meeting attendees who incur extra expenses for child or elder care during the meeting.
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Past application deadlines

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COVID-19 Guidelines

APS is focused on ensuring safe and productive meetings for all participants.


APS looks forward to welcoming our attendees and presenters to April Meeting 2023.

About April Meeting 2023

April Meeting 2023 "Quarks to Cosmos" is your opportunity to connect with astrophysicists, particle physicists, nuclear physicists, and physicists studying gravitation.