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Tutorial or Workshop

Tutorial for Authors and Referees Workshop

Join Physical Review editors for an interactive session about the peer-review and publication process of the APS journals.

SAFE Credit Union Convention Center

Ballroom A1

Who Should Attend?

  • Authors
  • Research Faculty

The American Physical Society publishes Physics Magazine and 17 world-leading journals that cover all aspects of physics, applied physics, and physics-adjacent areas. As authors and referees, we invite you to an interactive session about the peer-review and publication process of the APS journals, including Physical Review Letters, Physical Review X, Reviews of Modern Physics, and the Physical Review series. We'll cover many questions, such as:

  • Why should I read and publish in Physical Review journals?
  • Is my paper a good match for the Physical Review journals? Which one?
  • How do the Physical Review journal editors actually select papers for their journals?
  • How can I write a manuscript that best showcases my research results?
  • How can I, as an author or a referee, navigate the editorial and peer-review processes at the Physical Review journals effectively and get the most out of my interaction?
  • How can I write referee reports that enhance the peer review process and lead authors to improve their work?
  • How can authors, referees, and readers support the high ethical standards of the Physical Review?

Join editors from the Physical Review journals at this session as they address these questions and more! This tutorial will feature a presentation from our editors and time for open discussion.

Researchers at all career levels are welcome to join this session.

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