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Public Engagement Meet & Greet

SAFE Credit Union Convention Center
Room 13

Who Should Attend?

  • Undergrads
  • Diversity

Additional Details

  • Open to the Public

Come learn about APS Public Engagement Programs, connect with other members who are interested in public engagement, and eat some snacks! We will share the multitude of ways to participate in public engagement through APS as well as how APS can support members' public engagement efforts in their local communities. We invite anyone interested in public engagement to join we'd love to meet you!

More information


Regular registration is open through March 15, 2024.

Attendees & presenters

APS welcomes attendees and presenters to April Meeting.

In-person meeting experience

Join the physics community in Sacramento, California.

Virtual meeting experience

Join the physics community online to participate virtually in select in-person sessions and virtual-only presentations.