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Innovation for Impact: Strategies for Physicists

SAFE Credit Union Convention Center

Room 9

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The American Physical Society's Innovation Unit empowers APS members and collaborators to advance innovation in research, education, diversity, and ethics. Through initiatives like the Innovation Fund, the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation's Experimental Physics Investigators Initiative, and other partnerships, the unit offers avenues for physicists to propose and actualize concepts that benefit the physics community and society.

In this session, participants will practice leveraging innovation strategies to create effective proposals, including the Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition, and Lean Impact, to effect social change within the physics domain. Moreover, the session will spotlight APS-sponsored grant opportunities, highlighting their potential to finance novel ideas that significantly influence physics research and the broader physics culture. The re-launch of the Innovation Fund and a new collaborative travel grant with the Simons Foundation will be unveiled, presenting exciting opportunities for attendees to engage and explore.