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Addressing Misinformation about Science: Moving from Correction to Connection

SAFE Credit Union Convention Center
Room 9

Who Should Attend?

  • Undergrads
  • Everyone
  • Outreach

Misinformation about science is prevalent in communities across the United States and globally. As scientists we play an important role in addressing misinformation, but we must understand effective communication techniques for this issue. Research shows that simply correcting the misinformation is insufficient for changing a person's beliefs. In this interactive session, we will provide an overview of research-based communication techniques for addressing misinformation and we will make the case for shifting our mindsets from "I need to correct misinformation" to "I need to build trust in scientists." We will introduce reflective listening as one useful skill for building trusting relationships and addressing misinformation in one-on-one interactions. Participants will have the chance to practice this skill in a low-stakes, friendly environment.

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