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Permission Agreement & Consent to Record

To participate in the meeting, all submitters and presenters must accept the permission agreement.

Permission agreement & consent to record

To participate in the meeting, all submitters and presenters must accept the permission agreement. If you are the submitter and not the presenter you must still agree to the permission agreement in order to submit an abstract. All presenters will be asked to review and agree to the permission agreement later in the process when author notices are sent. Failure to grant permission will result in withdrawal of the abstract.

Permission agreement

The American Physical Society (APS) appreciates your willingness to share your presentation at an APS meeting. To do that, you need to grant APS a license. This permission agreement sets forth two options:

  1. Perpetual royalty-free license: The first is to grant APS a perpetual, royalty-free license to post the material that you have submitted and any recordings that APS may have made of your presentation, as well as to make and distribute derivative works based on this material. This license allows APS to maintain a historical record of the presentations at the meeting. If you grant such a license, you can contact APS at a later date to opt out of any future distribution. To choose this option, simply select the Perpetual Royalty-free License option.
  1. Limited license: If you do not wish to grant APS such a license, you may grant APS a limited license. If you choose the limited license, APS will keep the presentation on the conference platform until ninety (90) days after the meeting, at which point your presentation will be deleted.

We cannot post your talk without one of the two licenses. For questions, please contact APS Meetings.

In submitting material from your presentation, you recognize that placing material on the internet falls under copyright law. You retain copyright to your own material, and hence this agreement does not restrict your own use of your material in any way, including future publication, but you are in turn responsible for respecting the rights of others. In particular, you represent that you will not submit material to which others hold copyright unless you have the legal right to use it in your presentation and to grant the license set forth in this Permission Agreement. (Note that fair use in US copyright law allows limited use of copyrighted material for purposes such as research and scholarship.)

Consent to record

To further the mission of APS, portions of April Meeting 2024 will be available online. This online availability will extend the impact of your research to participants who are unable to travel to the meeting. The presentations will be available through a secure, online platform for up to ninety (90) days after the meeting and then will live in the APS Repository. If your assigned session is recorded, APS and/or its vendors will edit your presentation from the recording before it goes online. Please note that this selection cannot be changed after the submission.

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