Working Together to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

A large, international meeting has a large carbon footprint, but APS, New York City, and the Marriott Marquis New York are all taking steps to help reduce the environmental impact.

Attendees can help support emission reduction by purchasing individual carbon offsets when they register for the meeting. Terrapass carbon offsets fund projects like reforestation, farm power, and landfill gas capture to remove carbon from the environment. Learn more about Terrapass.

APS’s Efforts at the Meeting

APS has implemented a number of sustainability practices for its meetings, including discontinuing the printing of the Program Guide.

In place of the full printed program guide, the following options are recommended for schedule planning in advance of the meeting:

  • Meetings@APS mobile app - Please be sure to download this in advance of the meeting.
  • APS April Meeting schedule - Create filters to curate a schedule of relevant events. This can easily be done from your browser, and is printer-friendly.

New York City's Environmental Initiatives

APS chose New York City to host the 2022 April Meeting in part because of the city's commitment to sustainability. From divesting the city’s pension funds from fossil fuels, to investing billions into climate solutions, New York City is taking bold steps to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

New York City is also creating People Priority Zones that restrict vehicular access, create public spaces, improve safety, reduce congestion, and improve air quality to help to make it a healthier environment for residents and visitors alike.

Read about OneNYC 2050 to learn more about its sustainability efforts in regards to climate change, economic inequity, and securing basic human rights.

Marriott Marquis New York's Green Actions

Marriott Marquis New York is committed to initiatives designed to conserve energy, protect vital resources, and promote ecologically-efficient policies and procedures.

Marriott Marquis New York uses energy star certified AV equipment and recycles all paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, and glass.

It also has water stations to minimize bottled water waste and all its food and beverage offerings are either organically grown and/or locally sourced.

Learn more about Marriott’s commitment to sustainability.