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Presenter Upload Instructions

Live Presenter Links

Live presenters will receive an email with your presenter link and instructions on how to give your presentation the week of April 12.

File Uploading Specifications

Each presentation type (Live, On-Demand, or Poster) will be allowed to upload specific types of files, please see below for the details. The deadline to upload files to the April Meeting Website was Wednesday, April 7 at 5:00 PM EDT.

Presenters received an email with step-by-step instructions explaining how to upload their files on March 25.

Live (Optional Upload)

Live presenters will have the option to upload their presentation slides and/or supporting documents, but this will not be mandatory. Live presenters will have the ability to share their screen during their presentation.

We recommend that you include your full name at the bottom of your slides, so viewers know which talk they are watching.

On-Demand (Required Upload)

On-demand presenters will be required to upload their presentation slides and/or a video or audio recording of their talk.

Download the April Meeting Zoom background

Poster (Required Upload)

Poster presenters will be required to upload their poster and/or an optional 5 minute video or audio recording explanation of their poster.

All File Format Specifications

  • Preferred Audio file format: MP3
  • Preferred Video file format: MP4
  • All document file format: PDF
  • File size: 2GB is the maximum file size limit.
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Frame Rate: 30fps
  • CODEC: h.264 in .mp4 wrapper + AAC for audio
  • 6mbps bitrate:
    • To check the bit rate, right click on the file name, click on properties, go to the details tab, and look for total bitrate.