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Honor Recipients

At April Meeting 2022, APS was proud to honor researchers and students for their exemplary contributions to the physics community.

Recognizing excellence

APS was founded more than a century ago for the advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of physics. One way we fulfill that mission is by recognizing significant contributions to physics with prizes, awards, and fellowships. These honors are highly regarded, and represent critical recognition from the recipients’ most discerning audience: their peers.

We were pleased to honor 28 recipients at the 2022 April Meeting. These prizes and awards highlight the diversity and vitality of physics, and acknowledge physicists across all career stages and subfields, internationally.

Meet the 2022 Recipients

  • Madappa Prakash: 2022 Bethe Prize
  • David W Hertzog: 2022 Bonner Prize
  • David B Kaplan: 2022 Feshbach Prize
  • Byron G Lundberg: 2022 Panofsky Prize
  • Regina Abby Rameika: 2022 Panofsky Prize
  • John C. Polanyi: 2022 Sakharov Prize
  • Nima Arkani-Hamed: 2022 Sakurai Prize
  • G. William Foster: 2022 Wilson Prize
  • Stephen D. Holmes: 2022 Wilson Prize
  • Derek F. Jackson Kimball: 2022 Faculty Research Prize
  • Joseph R. Farah: 2021 Apker Award
  • Paul L. J. Guèye: 2022 Bouchet Award
  • Robert L. Jaffe: 2022 Burton Award
  • TEAM-UP Task Force: 2022 Education Award
  • Peter Fritschel: 2022 Isaacson Award
  • Blakesley Burkhart: 2022 Mayer Award
  • Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz: 2021 Nicholson Medal
  • Benjamin Nachman: 2022 Primakoff Award
  • Michael E. Mann: 2022 Szilard Lectureship Award
  • Ihar Lobach: 2022 DPB Dissertation Award
  • Davide Giusti: 2022 GHP Dissertation Award
  • Nolan Matthews: 2022 Payne-Gaposchkin Dissertation Award
  • Seth Koren: 2022 Sakurai Dissertation Award
  • Melissa A. Hutcheson: 2022 Tanaka Dissertation Award