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April Meeting 2021 abstract submissions are closed.

From April 17-20, gather to explore the “Quarks to Cosmos,” which encompasses a broad range of physics spanning astrophysics, particle physics, nuclear physics, and gravitation. Showcase your work for a global audience of physicists, scientists, and students representing more than 20 APS units and committees.

Things to Know Before You Submit Your Abstract

  • Instructions are available on the abstract submission site
  • You may edit your abstract up until the submission deadline
  • You will need your APS web ID and password to submit an abstract

APS reserves the right to reject or alter abstracts based on, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Abstracts do not comply with style guidelines, including excessive length (contributed abstract length < 1,300 characters)
  • Abstracts contain inappropriate content
  • Abstracts fall outside of the topical scope of the meeting
  • Repeated cancellation by submitter

Sorting Categories

Session details

  1. A. Astrophysics
  2. B. Few-Body Systems
  3. C. Gravitation
  4. D. Nuclear Physics
  5. E. Hadronic Physics
  6. F. Particles and Fields
  7. G. Precision Tests of Physics Laws
  8. H. Radiation Sources
  9. I. Accelerators and Storage Rings
  10. J. Physics of Beams
  11. K. Accelerator Systems
  12. L. Computational Physics
  13. N. Physics Education
  14. P. Physics Education Research
  15. Q. Medical Physics
  16. R. Undergraduate Research
  17. S. National Facilities
  18. T. Public Policy
  19. U. History of Physics
  20. V. International Physics
  21. W. Outreach
  22. X. Data Science
  23. Y. General Physics
  24. Z. Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion