Virtual Meeting

The leadership of the April Meeting Program Committee has been consulting with APS staff to plan a Virtual April Meeting. After careful consideration, we intend to hold the virtual meeting over the same dates as the canceled April Meeting, April 18-21, 2020. We acknowledge that many are facing challenging personal and/or professional circumstances, but we hope that the Virtual April Meeting will allow our community to stay connected, share research, and support each other.

At the same time, we are excited that the April Meeting will be the inaugural APS Virtual Meeting. Our communities have long been leaders in sharing research online, and this opportunity is another significant step in that direction.

APS has selected a third-party virtual meeting website that seamlessly supports live video presentations of sessions, recording of and technical support for those sessions, and pre-recorded talks. The site also will allow small groups of participants to interact in real-time directly with each other and exhibitors.

The elements of our plan are:

  • Hold all invited and plenary sessions at the same date and time as the original April Meeting schedule as well as the public lecture.
  • Conduct all invited, plenary, and prize sessions as live sessions.
  • Invited speakers who cannot participate will have the opportunity to provide a pre-recorded version of their talks.
  • Units will have the choice of holding (supported) live sessions for contributed talks or instead ask all contributed speakers to provide a pre-recorded video or audio file of their talks. Allow all presenters to upload their presentation slides or posters.
  • Poster session participants will be given an opportunity to provide an accompanying five-minute video or audio file.
  • All presentation content and recordings will be hosted on our platform (or an eventual alternative APS content portal) for the indefinite future.
  • While we intend to ask virtual meeting participants to register for the meeting and/or individual sessions, the virtual meeting will be free to all, including people who were not registered for the April Meeting originally.

On Monday, we will be reaching out to all invited speakers to gauge their interest in and ability to participate in the Virtual April Meeting. Once we have their responses, we will be able to fully gauge the feasibility of the above plan and make any necessary adjustments. We intend to solidify that plan and provide additional updates as soon as possible.

We look forward to working together to bring about a robust and successful Virtual April Meeting.

Best regards,

Tao Han, Deirdre Shoemaker, and Julie McEnery April Meeting Program Chair Line

Mark Doyle APS Chief Information Officer

Hunter Clemens, CAE, CMP APS Director of Meetings